26 mayo 2009

12 breeds of Clients

I read an article posted by the Freelance Switch which I thought was hilarious and depressing at the same time. The article consists of a list of possible clients a freelancer encounters. I have to say I've met some in my small street experience and, it all sums up to payment. The worst part of any client isn't enduring their constant tantrums or anything else. It all comes down to payment. Clients tend to forget that you do this for a living. You design to eat. Although you're an artist and thrive on the fact that you love what you do, these dickwads can really upset and possibly make you turn off the freelance valve so as to protect yourself from unnecessary abuse. Hey, you get enough of that from 8 to 5 (as if you really only worked eight hours a day, HA!), right?

For the full list, click [here]

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