20 mayo 2009

Quema tu Resume...y crea un "Curriculum Vitae"

Como promocionarse y conseguir trabajo hoy día. Este artículo tiene ideas curiosas y está escrito de una forma graciosa. Esta relacionado a la industria de videojuegos, pero se puede aplicar a cualquiera. Al final de esta anécdota, hay referencia al Diseñador Gráfico.

Burn Your Resume!

Anecdota de Gamasutra.com:

"“Don’t make a resume: I don’t want you sending it around to other companies.” This is unintentionally sound advice from a triple-A studio head – “unintentionally sound,” in that having a resume is a very bad idea. Burn your resume, but never, never stop talking to people until you are signed. Getting somebody to almost hire you is the easiest task in the world.

Social networking is all the rage these days, and yes, you can most-definitely use those weak connections in your network to tweet your way into a job. Third-party validation is an invaluable tool for finding a new position, “I’ve worked with this guy, and he’s like a suitcase nuclear device: Put him down beside a problem and then bunker up, because there will
be nothing but the problem’s shadows on the wall.”

Call your something a “Curriculum Vitae,” which is a term that sounds just plain fancy, and which won’t make people on the receiving end balk when you do not send in a resume. Make sure that whatever it is that you send looks as pretty as you possibly can make it. Graphic Designers are like adulterers, in that everybody knows one: Don’t be shy about calling for help."

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