08 mayo 2009

Stuck in traffic thinking

Friday night. Stuck in traffic with my good buddy Pearly the iPhone.

Spent the whole day figuring out a way to get every task done early so
I could go home and be with my fam. Trouble is, Mr. God had a
different plan and sent us a whole lotta water our way.

At first I was upset 'cause I knew a lot of cars was gonna be my view on the slow way home, which is true, but also got me thinking about a whole bunch of things I want to do but haven't got the time for. Ever since our last art show "Autor/Artista" the creative juices in my
brain have been working overtime, and I just want to get everything done right away. Those who know me understand I'm not a very patient man, but what can I do to get all these ideas out of me without the time? The only solution that comes to mind is to stop sleeping and
start creating, but If I do that, not even I will be able to stand my mood. Been there, done that. So... Any ideas?

P.S. Sorry 'bout the english, but that's how my mind's thinking tonight.



Joseph dijo...

Yeah...i think we are just screwed. No way around it.

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