19 junio 2009

The Art Scene

It's amazing how many Art related activities happen in Puerto Rico. I remember, a few years back, I thought the Island's Art Scene was all but extinguised until found www.dondeveoarte.com. I'm preety sure there are more sites like this one out there, I'm sure I'll stumble upon them sooner or later. But the reason behind this post is to get the word out: "Puerto Rico's art is Alive and well". Get to know us by our art. Once you embark this path, you won't want to come back, garanteed.

One thing's for sure, there's art to be seen every week, and Carmen Olmo is doing a helluva job in keeping track of this on her DondeVeoArte site.

If you've found other sites that have a calendar of art-related events in Puerto Rico, please share them with us here (in the comments section).

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