22 junio 2009

Graphic Designer vs. Tool Artist

Unfortunate as it is, this is our daly routine with almost every client and/or boss we have. People seem to think that just by having a computer, they can do what we do. Sad but true. Only the people who actually ARE graphic designers carry with them the ability to convey a concept, to design unique layouts and create art. Not everyone can do this. More and more Tool Artists emerge these days that can accurately handle a computer, but cannot design, hence the term used here "Tool Artist" To be a Graphic Designer, or in UNDO's case, a Digital Artist, is much, much more. I Read a post from Von Glitschka on this matter and had to express it here as well. Von's an amazing illustrator with this same problem. He speaks his mind on this well thought post. Click [here] to read it.

Image taken from his post.

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