12 junio 2009

$till Payin' Due$

Was checking out Juxtapoz when I saw these photos from a Graffiti Exhibit of Artist "Dolla". I really don't know what's with graffiti that attracts me sooo much. I can surely say what I liked about this one in particular... The strokes. God, the use of those bold lines with a white outline kills me. I've seen a few Murals in my day. Some of them from my co-UNDOers and it's always those strokes. Plus this artist put up a wallpaper on some of the walls that make you feel as if you were walking in between buildings. I really Wish I would've been there. So that you see what I mean, here are some pics, although I strongly encourage you to visit either this [site] or this [other] I'll be looking for this Artist's work from now on. At the endo of the post, you'll find a video of this Show.

Great work!!

Photos taken from Bold Hype's Flickr page. To acces that, click [here]

$TILL PAYIN' DUE$ from double B studio on Vimeo.

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