05 agosto 2009

Amazing Stereographs

As part of my daily routine, I go to various art/design related websites to get the scoop on new trends, old rebooted ones and crazy cool inspirational pieces.

Today was one of those days were my findings greatly moved my intellect.
My find: Stereograph. These 3D images achieve the third dimension by way of distorting your view. The've been around since the 1850's. You consciously tell your right eye to view the left image and the left eye to view the right. Upon seeing triple images, you tell your brain to adjust and sharpen the one on the middle and, Voila! At first it may seem as though both images are the same, but after careful examination, I noticed how they are both a bit different. The angle or perspective changes a bit so that your eyes adjust the "missing frame" and create the effect.

After this, some experiments were in order. These were three of the images I did to create this illusion. To read careful instructions on how to view these images, go [here] or [here], to view more examples, go [here] or [here].

Just try not to hurt yourself. To make it easier on your eyes, click on the image to enlarge.

Thanks to my friend Gin Gin for letting me post her photo.


Joseph dijo...

wepa!! Metele al 3d!

Joseph dijo...

wepa!! Metele al 3d!

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