24 marzo 2010

Battle for the Arts [VIDEO]

Most of us have heard of Iron Chef America or Throwdown with Bobby Flay from the Food Network. Well, today, thanks to @adamsterner (The Chairman), I came to know of a similar concept, but in art. Battle for the Arts.

I have to say, I wish they would come to town soon. I'd love to flex my marker over Illustration Board muscles. It's been a while.

Enjoy these videos

Battle for the Arts: Battle 2 from Adam Sterner on Vimeo.

Battle for the Arts: Battle 3 from Adam Sterner on Vimeo.

Battle for the Arts: Battle 4 from Adam Sterner on Vimeo.

Battle For The Arts: Battle 5 from Adam Sterner on Vimeo.

For more info on this effort go to: battleforthearts.org
What really got my attention is that these events take place in a Pub, Disco, etc... A place where most of the people in it, won't ever go to a Museum or gallery to appreciate art. Love it.

UPDATE: Adam Sterner contacted us (via the comments section below) and reminded us that the creator of these series is in fact: @prophtmicah.

UNDOdigital is a Digital Artists Collective / Community. They work each day towards creating a Digital Arts Movement on their Island of Puerto Rico. You can follow their adventures on Twitter or Facebook, besides here, on their blog .

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