13 julio 2010

Bling Bling Chicas PICS

This is a repost from Sofia Maldonado's Blog. We encourage you to go visit it. Click Here.

"On July 3, I(Sofía Maldonado) had my first solo show in Amsterdam at Witzenhausen Gallery, it will run util the end of the month. For more info and detail of artwork visit BLING BLING CHICAS

This outdoors performance, was an extracurricular activity of the Bling Bling Chicas, where we developed a collaborative large scale painting with local artists: MickLaRock, Lil'shy and Flai. This extraordinary event took place outside Witzenhausen Gallery on July 4th."

Photos by Anna Stolyarova


We're very proud of our Sofía Maldonado. To get to know a few more things about her, click HERE or HERE. Or go visit her site @ Sofiamaldonado.com

UNDOdigital es un colectivo de Artistas Digitales Puertorriqueños. Laboran cada día por crear un moviemiento de Arte Digital en su isla de Puerto Rico. Puedes seguir sus aventuras en  Twitter y enFacebook, además de aquí en su blog .

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