01 abril 2010

Everyone loves to Argue [VIDEO]

Recently I met @adamsterner thanks to the Sofia Maldonado Mural Attacks Post . When checking his site, I was immediately baffled by the awesomeness of the work presented there. This time, it was not an Art Piece per se, but instead an Art Forum. A discussion for the Hard Core Art enthusiast/lovers/critiques.

They record a sort of Talk Show and establish a main question such as: When is someone considered a Craftsperson / Artist.

I found this to be very compelling, since most sites only present art and leave it at that. Not many will establish a intellectual conversation where you MUST explain your point o views.

It is why I strongly recommend and encourage that every viewer we have, go on to their site and participate in the discussions. Do so by visiting: arguingart.com .

Another one of this Art Duo's work can be found in a previous post of ours. An idea that got me thinking and wishing.

Feel free to tell us what you thought of Arguing Art in the comments section!

UNDOdigital is a Digital Artists Collective / Community. They work each day towards creating a Digital Arts Movement on their Island of Puerto Rico. You can follow their adventures on Twitter or Facebook, besides here, on their blog .

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